Seamless two-factor
authentication for the web

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How it works

Set up the phone to
enable Sound-Proof

Follow the instructions on a Sound-Proof enabled website to set it up with your smartphone.

Login with username
and password as usual

You can keep your phone in your pocket, in the purse or on the table. It works of course in many other places, as long as it is close to you!

Stand by for
three seconds

Your phone and PC will automatically record ambient sound for a very short time (~3 seconds). The recordings are compared by the phone. If the recordings match then you are logged in.

What is two-factor

Two-factor authentication protects online accounts even if passwords are leaked.

Most users, however, still prefer password-only authentication. One reason for this is the extra steps that the user must complete in order to log in. Current two-factor authentication mechanisms require the user to interact with his phone.

Making security

Sound-Proof is a two-factor authentication mechanism that does not require interaction between the user and his phone.

In Sound-Proof, the second authentication factor is the proximity of the user’s phone to the device being used to log in. The proximity of the two devices is verified by comparing the ambient noise recorded by their microphones. Audio recording and comparison are transparent to the user. Sound-Proof can be easily deployed as it works with major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) without plugins.

About us

Sound-Proof was created at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Claudio Marforio
Claudio Marforio
CEO & Co-Founder

Claudio is a PHD student at ETH Zurich. He focuses on security of mobile devices with publications in multiple international conferences. He complemented his studies in computer science with business courses.

Nikolaos Karapanos
Nikolaos Karapanos
CTO & Co-Founder

Nikos is a PHD student at ETH Zurich. He focuses his research on web authentication. Nikos has years of experience in developing mobile and web applications and a deep understanding of the research aspects of Sound-Proof.

Claudio Soriente
Dr. Claudio Soriente
Advisor & Co-Founder

Claudio is a Researcher at Telefonica Research, in Barcelona, Spain. He got his PHD from the University of California, Irvine and is a crypto expert.

Srdjan Capkun
Prof. Srdjan Capkun
Advisor & Co-Founder

Srdjan is a Full Professor at ETH Zurich, where he leads the System Security Group and he is also the Director of the Zurich Information Security Center.



Sound-Proof Demo for Android Available

We are happy to announce that the Sound-Proof demo is available also for Android. Anyone can now register on our demo page.

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Sound-Proof at CeBIT

Nikos presented Sound-Proof at the Swiss Arena at CeBIT in Hannover. You can watch the video of the presentation (~130MB)

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Sound-Proof Demo for iOS Available

We are happy to announce that anyone interested in checking out Sound-Proof with an iOS device can now register on our demo page.

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