Secure your data
with the noise around you

Our Authentication Products


  • Easy, fast and strong authentication for end-users
  • Zero interaction required from the end-user at the time of login
  • According to surveys, the 2FA solution that end-users want

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  • The next generation of access management
  • Terminates the active session when the end-user leaves the computer
  • Pre-emptively blocks unauthorized access to resources


  • Early identification of high-risk login attempts and tailor login requirements
  • Enhance risk-based authentication settings
  • Make it even simpler for end-users but impossible for the intruders to access data

The Sound-Proof authentication products do not require interaction between the user and the phone.

Sound-Proof checks the proximity of the user’s phone to the device being used to log in. The proximity of the two devices is verified by our AI-enhanced algorithms that compare the ambient noise recorded by their microphones. Audio recording and comparison are fast and invisible to the end-user. Sound-Proof can be easily deployed as it works with major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge) without plugins.

About us

Sound-Proof was created by people from ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Claudio Marforio
Dr. Claudio Marforio
CEO & Co-Founder

Claudio holds a PhD from ETH Zurich. He focused his research on security of mobile devices (ARM TrustZone, usable security, kernel programming, application attacks) with publications in top-tier international conferences. He focuses on strategy and business development.

Nikolaos Karapanos
Nikolaos Karapanos

Nikos is a PhD student at ETH Zurich. He focuses his research on web authentication. Nikos has years of experience in developing mobile and web applications and a deep understanding of the research aspects of Sound-Proof.

Mike Resvanis
Mike Resvanis
Lead Developer

Mike is our lead developer for both back-end and mobile applications (iOS and Android). He has years of experience in both startup and corporate environments.

Srdjan Capkun
Prof. Srdjan Capkun

Srdjan is a Full Professor at ETH Zurich, where he leads the System Security Group and he is also the Director of the Zurich Information Security Center.



Sound-Proof Demo for Android Available

We are happy to announce that the Sound-Proof demo is available also for Android. Anyone can now register on our demo page.

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Sound-Proof at CeBIT

Nikos presented Sound-Proof at the Swiss Arena at CeBIT in Hannover. You can watch the video of the presentation (~130MB)

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Sound-Proof Demo for iOS Available

We are happy to announce that anyone interested in checking out Sound-Proof with an iOS device can now register on our demo page.

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